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Waterproof For Shoes & Boots - Protector 3x3 by Woly

Essential for the hard-working leathers and outdoor-use textiles of Canada and the northern United States, Woly Protector 3x3 offers waterproofing that is free of the hazards of PFOA/PFOS, and allows the footwear and outdoor apparel protected to breathe. The easy to apply waterproof spray is invisible and guards against salt, and dirt buildup and protects from the moisture of  water, ice and snow. Avoid weather-related staining and soaking with this effective product. Suitable for all TEX Membranes for example Sympatex or Gore - Tex. and can be used on smooth and napped leathers. Woly’s innovative research and development team continually offers improved products to meet the needs of modern materials as well as to better protect traditional materials such as all manner of leathers. Review the current opportunities available online from Valentino Garemi, Canada’s source for fine German footwear and apparel care options.
How to use:
Prior to your first use of footwear or apparel and regularly thereafter treat leather and fabrics you expose to harsh outdoor conditions by spraying thoroughly with this protector. Apply evenly from about 20 centimeters away on cleaned and dry leather or fabric. Dry for at least 30 minutes before wearing or use

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