Metal Polish & Steel Cleaner - Mecano by Louis XIII France

Mecano Metal Polish and Cleaner have been delivering superior cleaning and brilliant shine for generations. It is safe and effective for use on copper, brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, even aluminum. Dust and grime build up on every surface, dulls the beauty but many types of metal are also prone to tarnish. Mecano contains anti-oxidants that protect and delay the oxidation of metals. Perfect cleaning and incomparable shining will be attended due to its particularly fine natural filers and the power of its liquid composition.
Application of Mecano not only cleans away surface dirt, it deposits a protective silicon interface that slows the tarnishing process. Mecano imparts a brilliant, lasting shine.
How to Use: Shake well the metal container and apply Mecano liquid using a cloth (for bronzes steel wool nr 0000 can be used). Rub the metal wil circular motion till will be cleaned. Use a small brush for chiseled parts. Let dry and polish with a soft cloth.

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