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Callus Balm with 15 % Urea by Camillen 60 Germany

Rough, disfiguring and painful calluses resolve within two to three weeks after regular use of Camillen 60 Callus Balm with 15 % urea . A unique combination of natural ingredients that eliminates the thickened buildup of dried skin while nourishing the newly revealed soft and smooth skin beneath, this callus remover uses willowbark extract, lactic acid and salicylic acid to minimize the calluses. Chamomile oil and allantoin then help with healing and reduce inflammation, while panthenol strengthens skin and urea and glycerin soften and moisturize. For more than 50 years the products of Germany’s Camillen 60 have helped individuals deal with difficult and persistent skin conditions. Pledged to heal painful and disfiguring skin issue, not just cover them up, these products use both traditional herbal medicine and innovative modern products and effective and practical techniques.
How to use:
Camillen 60 Callus Balm - 15 % Urea reduces calluses with skin sloughing ingredients. Apply the balm regularly and the callus will soften and minimize over the period of a few weeks. There is no need to use other products as the balm includes healing agents and moisturizers in the preparation.

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