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For the ultimate in leather restoration and rejuvenation we present the Saphir Fresh Start Leather Care Set. Deep clean with Saphir Reno’Mat a truly unique product intended to remove layers of waxes and polishes, taking your leather goods back to their factory finish. The tube delivery system allows you to control the application of Reno’Mat easily. Once the buildup is gone your leather is able to absorb the nourishing ingredients in Saphir Renovateur, winner of the Medaille D’Or in 1925. Natural mink oil and beeswax penetrate deeply into the leather leaving smooth leather soft and supple. Both products are easily applied with the Saphir Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth that rounds out this set. A French leather care tradition, Sahir offers our Canadian and US clients the very best answers for footwear, apparel, bags, upholstery and other items crafted from smooth leathers. Review the many speciality leather solutions crafted by this industry leader and purchase online at Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Test the Reno’Mat on an inconspicuous area of your leather goods before working the liquid into your item with a clean chamois. Use in a circular motion across the leather, moving to clean areas on the cloth as it becomes soiled. Allow to dry and then use Saphir Renovateur to infuse conditioning natural oils and waxes into your leather, using a clean chamois. Allow to absorb then buff and polish to desired shine.

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