Shoe White Cream by Woly Germany


Woly White Cream - Intensive whitening cream fathered to deliver powerful white opaque color, strength and vitality to all smooth leather items. The abundance of natural waxes and oils will nourish leather, provide protection against moisture and deliver a final healthy glossy shine. Woly White Cream is an extremely effective leather whitening cream developed to provide a durable opaque white colored finish to shoes, boots and other leather items.  The clean white polished effect is just the beginning as the cream also strengthens and revitalizes all grained and smooth leather items. The abundance of natural waxes and oils contained in its formula nourishes the leather, providing protection against soil and moisture, and also delivers a healthy glossy shine.
If you seek a truly high quality shoe and boot polish look to the experts at Woly, creating effective shoe polishes, creams and waxes since 1931 in Germany. Perfecting the traditional formulas and adding new as technologies change has resulted in a wide range of products sure to please and available from Canada’s shoe care expert, Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Using a dauber or soft cloth apply the cream in a thin and even layer to the footwear or other leather article. Use a gentle, circular motion. Allow the cream to dry and then use a clean cloth or shining brush to remove any excess product and to polish the footwear or other object to your approved shine. The cream can be reapplied for better coverage.

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