Waterproof & Protection - Leather Weather Shield by Valentino Garemi

The Waterproof & Protection by Valentino Garemi makes sure your footwear, apparel, bags and other prized possessions are protected from the elements and life's little surprises. The used gas free & silicone-free formula keeps moisture, dirt, grease, and other soils from ruining your investment while shielding and maintaining all leathers and other textiles, as well. Valentino Garemi continues to develop its range of products with original formulations, always made with the finest of ingredients by Iexi, the Italian business partner of Valentino Garemi. A video presentation of the product can be found on Youtube for illustrative purposes only.
How to use:
The Waterproof & Protection is appropriate for both brand-new items and thoroughly cleaned previously used goods. Pulverize the item thoroughly and allow drying before wearing or using. For best results apply after every cleaning and conditioning.

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