Concerned exclusively with restoring and preserving the beauty of leather, Saphir has been caring for fine leathers since before the 1925 Paris International Fair, when its formulation won a Gold Medal. Using natural ingredients to condition fine leathers deeply, Saphir avoids the modern reliance on petroleum products and silicones, which can dry out and crack leather, instead reaching back to mink, seal and neatsfoot oils; carnauba and beeswaxes; lanolin; and vegetable-based conditioners. The crisp and clean scent of turpentine, derived from pine resins, sidesteps any need for harsh and harmful solvents while cleaning and conditioning precious leathers.
Today the Avel Company of southwestern France is the source of the Saphir products, and we proudly offer our North American customers a range of these superior leather care solutions. From polishes and protectants to conditioners to cleaners, the Saphir line will cleanse, restore and maintain the beauty of shoes, boots, furniture, bags, clothing and anything else made of leather. Soft, supple and glowing with tender loving care, leather treated with products from Saphir is the ultimate reward for our discerning clientele.

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