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Shoe care - the care processes or actions that are entirely dedicated or assigned to protect/maintain shoes in their best condition. The process may involve brushing, polishing and the application of protective creams and oils, as well as storing shoes with proper accessories (shoe trees) to help them maintain their shape. 

Leather care - the care processes or actions that are entirely dedicated or assigned to protect/maintain leather in good condition. 

Foot Care – the processes, actions, products and accessories that are involved or designed to provide regular feet care. The procedures involved in keeping feet in good condition includes wearing properly fitting shoes, ensuring that the feet are kept dry and clean, and treating any problems which may arise, for example, calluses or athlete's foot. 

Suede – type of natural leather that has a soft/fuzzy finish and is used for jackets, gloves, shoes, purses, etc… Usually, suede is made from underside of lamb-skin. Easy water or moisture-absorbent suede is also very fragile and required extra care for protection. 

Nubuck - top-grain cattle rawhide leather that was buffed on the grain side to give a slight nap of short protein fibers with a velvet-like surface. Very wear resistant and could adapt easily to different colors and shapes. 

Man Made Leather - is imitation leather, based on plastics fibers, fabric and rubber, with the look and texture of real leather at a more affordable price. Quality, performance is lower and last less than real leather. 

Athlete's foot - A fungal infection of the feet that cause the skin to itch and flake. If left untreated it can spread to other parts of the body. People are usually infected when walking barefoot in moist areas like swimming baths, hotel showers, beach washrooms and locker rooms. Treatment involves the application of anti-fungal creams and talcum powder to keep the feet dry. 

Callus - an area of hardened skin caused by repeated rubbing or pressure. They are often caused by wearing shoes which are too tight-fitting. Minimizing rubbing and friction by wearing properly-fitting shoes may cause calluses to heal without further intervention, or they can be removed with pumice stone or a callus shaver. 

Clippers - a tool for the trimming of nails or skin. They are usually made of metal and come in a variety of forms, often resembling pliers or having a compound lever design. Many clippers also incorporate a nail file and a tool for cleaning dirt from under nails. 

Corns - a type of callus caused by a specific pattern of friction against the skin of a foot. When the rubbing motion against the skin is in a circular pattern the callus that forms has a hard central area that is funnel shaped. Because of its narrow shape, the pressure against the soft tissue beneath is increased, resulting in pain and possible tissue damage. They can be treated as ordinary calluses or removed surgically. 

Crepe brush - a brush with a ridged surfaced designed for cleaning and smoothing suede and nubuck. 

Dry skin - a lack of moisture in the skin which can cause cracking, itching, and scaling. It can be treated with moisturizing creams. 

Foot cream - a preparation for feet that can prevent foot odor and keep the skin in good condition, helping in avoiding calluses and dry skin. 

Foot odor - a variety of body odor caused by moist conditions in which certain bacteria flourish. Sweat is odorless, but the bacteria that like moist conditions produce bad-smelling substances. Wearing absorbent socks, ventilated shoes, foot deodorant, and applying foot cream can reduce foot odor. 

Shoe brush - a brush for removing dirt and dust from shoes, often in preparation for polishing. 

Ingrown toenails - a condition in which the nail of a toe grows so that it enters the nail bed or the flesh surrounding the nail, frequently becoming infected. It can be very painful and cause difficulty walking. 

Leather cleaning - the process of keeping leather free from dirt and dust and restoring its original appearance. The task of leather cleaning can involve brushing, polishing and buffing the surface of the leather, as well as applying protective creams/balms to help repel moisture. 

Nail scissors - small scissors designed for trimming excess toe and finger nails. 

Shoe cleaning - the removal of dirt and dust that builds up on shoes during their daily use. 

Shoe cleaning cloth - piece of fabric (recommended cotton) for cleaning and polishing shoe leather. 

Shoe cream - a specific cream applied to the surface of shoes to protect the leather/fabric and help maintain its suppleness. 

Shoe insoles - inserts for the bottom interior of a shoe. They can increase the padding and comfort of a pair of shoes and can neutralize foot odor by absorbing sweat. 

Shoe laces - cords which are used to secure shoes to the wearer's feet; they are tightened and tied after the wearer has put the shoes on. They are usually fed through small holes in the tops of the shoes called eyelets. Laces generally have hard sections at the end, called eaglets, to prevent fraying. 

Shoe odor - an unpleasant odor caused by bacteria that thrive in the moist conditions which normally appear inside shoes. It can be minimized by using absorbent and anti-bacterial insoles in shoes or by application of foot deodorants and foot creams. 

Shoe polish - a wax or cream applied to shoes when polishing them to improve the appearance of the leather and increase its durability. It can be bought in a variety of colors to match the color of the shoe. 

Shoe shine - It can refer to either the act of polishing one's shoes, or the tools used to make the leather shine, for example, a shoe shine sponge. Shoe shine sponge - a sponge, often treated with a polish, which is used to buff shoe leather and restore its reflective surface. 

Shoe tree - a device which is inserted into a shoe in order to help it maintain its shape when it is not being worn. 

Shoehorn - a shoe accessory that makes it easier to put shoes on. It will prevent the back of the shoe being crushed by the heel and giving a stiff surface against which to slide the back of the foot, shoe horns enable tighter fitting shoes to be put on easily. 

Shoe wax - a form of shoe polish that is applied to shoes to help obscure scratches and improve the appearance of the leather. 

Talcum powder - a mineral powder that has absorbent and lubricating properties. It can be applied to feet on helping prevent excess moisture and foot odor.


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