Ink & Ball-point Pen Remover by Avel

A valuable asset when leather has been marred, Avel Ballpoint Pen Ink Remover has the power to remove many types of ink marks from non-permeable leather. To guard against damaging the leather’s finish, test the remover in an unobtrusive area of the leather item first. The most effective way to remove this sort of stain is to gently dab on the remover over a small area to eliminate the ink a bit at a time. Rely upon Avel France to develop and offer specialty products to help solve challenging leather and textile care issues. The company’s century of experience in leather care means you can rely upon these targeted formulations to deliver the results you need to keep your precious leather good looking their best.
How to use:
For a proper leather cleaning process apply this product on a cotton swab and slowly press it on the affected areas. Be advised some of the inks are indelible and may not completely disappear. If colouration of  leather goods is affected by this ink remover we recommend using Avel Cream Renovator for re-colouration. Improper use may damage leather.

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