Shoe Edge Cleaning Brush - Bubinga Wood Handle - by Famaco France

Long and narrow with three rows of bristles and real boar hair, the Shoe Edge Cleaning Brush, African Bubinga Wood Handle is a clever and helpful tool poised at all times to reach into the seams and creases of shoes, boots and other leather products. Removes dirt and products deep inside the tight areas of your leather goods without harming the surface. No need to reach for objects that might damage your precious leathers when you have this tool in your leather care box. If you are concerned about quality and thoughtful design look no further than the quality leather care products of France’s Famaco. Family owned and operated since 1931, the Paris area crafter of fine cleaners, polishes, conditioners and protectors for leather also provides a comprehensive line of leather care tools. available at Valentino Garemi.

How to use: This is a specialty bush intended to partner with your full sized brushes. Use this brush to clean the seams and tight areas on your footwear and other leather items. The brush can also be used to work products into areas impossible to reach with the larger brushes and remove excess product in those areas as well. You may also use this brush as a polish and other product dauber.

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