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If you are experiencing pain or even developing foot problems because of shoes that are too tight or pinch and chafe, Saphir Shoe Stretch offers a real solution. Spray this special formula on both sides of the leather, inside and outside of the shoe, and then wear immediately to expand the fit in those areas. This product is effective and will not damage your footwear. It can be reapplied if necessary and can be used on all types of leather. Cleaners, conditioners, protectors, polishes. Specialty products, impeccably designed and crafted tools comprise the Saphir range. French made since the 1920s, many consider the Saphir line to be the best leather care products currently on the market. Sourced especially for you by Valentino Garemi, the online Canadian leather care store.
How to use:
Locate the places on the shoes or boots where tightness causes pain, chafing or foot problems. Using the convenient spray applicator, spray the inside and outside of the footwear where the fit is tight. Once the shoe or boot is saturated with “shoe-eze,” place on your foot and wear until dry to stretch the leather. Can be reapplied.

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