Leather Cleaner - Spot Eliminator & Stain Remove Reno'Mat by Saphir

Prepare your valuable leather goods to receive the maximum benefit from high quality conditioning and rejuvenating treatments with Saphir Reno'Mat Leather Cleaner. Residues from inferior polishes and waxes are removed by using this highly effective cleanser, and you can have a clean baseline to begin a routine of using Saphir products to nourish and maintain your leathers. Useful also for removing polish colors that were too dark or were not pleasing as it returns the leather to the finish applied at the factory. Not for frequent use, but can be used in a three to six month rotation to thoroughly cleanse before conditioning and polishing. Some of the products available from Saphir are truly unique and in a class all by themselves. If you are looking for European made leather products without peer browse the selection of Saphir solutions online at Valentino Garemi, the French connection for the finest in leather products for North American consumers.
How to use:
Before using Reno’Mat shake thoroughly to mix. To make sure you will not harm your leather items  test the product on a small hidden portion to prove it does not ruin the finish. Using a soft chamois apply to your shoes boots or other leather items a bit at a time, rubbing in circles.

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