Duster Brush for Books, Antique Papers or Pergaments by Valentino Garemi

The Books Dusting Brush was ingeniously designed by the wood artisans from Germany, to fit the human hand similar as a pen and is made with 100% natural components - white boar bristles and real beach wood handle. Intended to help librarians, bookstores owners or home book shelves keepers, this dust cleaning brush will gently remove dust from antique books, sensitive papers or pergament, any other book collection apart of your bibliotheque. A convenient leather made string attached at the top end will help hang it to an easy to remember place near to the books. The size of this duster brush is 7 1/2" and it’s the ultimate addition of Valentino Garemis’ collection of high quality products, dedicated to customers that are in need of a trusted dusting off tool.

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