Brush Brass Bristles for Suede Leathers by Saphir

Specially and carefully designed to feel secure and nature in the hand, the Saphir Suede Brass Brush is the perfect addition to your shoe care kit. The stiff, straight bristles are perfect for separating the fibers of suede, lifting them and removing any dirt, dust or residue on those fibers mechanically. The head has an irregular geometrical shape that allows the user to work on the edges, seams and open areas of the suede easily. Features a beautiful beechwood handle.  A French tradition now well known around the globe by individuals serious about caring appropriately for fine leathers, Saphir offers a broad range of leather care product s and ergonomically designed tools. Select the items that meet your needs online at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian Saphir connection.

How to Use: This brush is to be used on napped leathers only. If the leather is wet, allow it to dry before brushing. Gently brush with the grain to remove dust and dirt. Use a suede eraser for stubborn stains. Once the soiling is removed brush carefully and delicately against the grain to raise the texture.

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