Classic Leather Furniture Care Set - Clean & Condition by Avel France

Clean and protect your precious leather furniture and upholstery with our Classic Leather Furniture Care Set from Avel. We partner our Avel Hussard Liquid Stain Remover, genius at releasing dirt, grime and stains from leather without leaving a tell-tale ring, with our Avel Leather Wax Spray, an easy to use and nourishing treatment that will return softness and suppleness to your leather goods after treatment. To make application easier a Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth rounds out the collection, perfect for working the Stain Remover into the leather and for adding a final polish after the Leather Wax Spray has been absorbed. Set of three items: Hussard Liquid Stain Remover - 200ml, Saphir Cloth and Avel Leather Wax - 400 ml.  Avel is the French distributor of Saphir and Avel branded leather and textile care products. These high-quality cleaners, conditioners and tools deliver superb results for footwear, bags and other leather and fabric goods, available for discriminating North American consumers from Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Remove any loose dirt and blot up any liquid spill before applying the Avel Hussard Liquid Stain Remover with the Valentino Garemi's Chamois. Check the colour fastness of the leather in an unobtrusive area before using. Use a small amount of remover on a clean area of the chamois rubbing gently with the grain. As the soiling moves to the chamois, be sure to work on additional areas of the leather with a clean section of chamois. Allow the leather to dry and then treat with the Avel Leather Wax Spray, finishing with a final buffing with a clean space on the chamois.

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