Dubbin HP for Leather Shoes and other articles by Saphir France

Saphir HP Dubbin is a naturally formulated polish made with mink and seal oil. The neutral option contains no pigments while the black will recolour the same hued leathers. Either is an exceptional conditioner, moisturizing smooth leathers to keep them soft and supple. Particularly useful on hard working and playing shoes, outdoor equipment and boots, this dubbin provides superior waterproofing and guards against ground in dirt, grease and grime. It can bring abused leather back to life, and also protects new shoes and other leathers from the weather and day to day wear. A commitment to the use of only natural and effective ingredients is the expectation for French-made Saphir leather care products. Avoiding the drying and destructive tendencies of petroleum products and silicones, animal fats and oils keep your precious possessions supple, smooth and protected. Find these award winning products online at Valentino Garemi, the North American source for quality European leather and textile care products.
How to use:
Open the tin and rub a small amount on a soft cloth and then apply to clean and dry leather boots, shoes, bags, camping equipment and other leather items that work hard in the elements. Make sure the product is evenly distributed into seams and crevices. Use a soft brush and/or clean cloth to  remove excess product and bring the desired shine to the item.


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