Garment Care by Moneysworth & Best

If you are looking for some extra protection from rain, snow, and damp, humid weather Moneysworth & Best Garment Care is the answer. This versatile product helps your coats and jackets shed both water and soil. It also helps reduce the buildup of hard to remove dirt in areas like collars and cuffs on shirts, preventing oil and sweat stains from setting. Items treated are easier to clean and will retain their water resistance if treated regularly. Moneysworth & Best is a Canadian company dedicated to the development of shoe, leather and clothing products and accessories that work as promised, maintaining for users a comfortable and well-groomed look. Review the options carried at Valentino Garemi, your online source for dependable footwear and clothing care tools and products.
How to use:
Use on new or cleaned clothing, including outerwear, to improve the coat, jacket or shirt’s  ability to shed water or dirt. Hang the garment where the spray can be applied from all sides and evenly coat with a fine layer. Allow the garments to dry before wearing. Use regularly for best results.

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