Golf Shoe Shine Wax & Protection – Leather Polish Golfwachs by Burgol

Burgol Golf Shoe Wax (Golfwachs) puts to use palm wax and other nourishing and protective waxes and oils for water and dirt repellent - created for and crafted with the needs of smooth leather sport and outdoor shoes in mind. Not only for golfing, this product keeps all footwear worn in the wet, dirt and mud free of lasting damage, shedding the moisture and dirt through the effective natural ingredients that make up this premium shoe and boot care product. In 1921 the formula for Burgol palm shoe polish was perfected and the Swiss family business has continued to offer this high quality natural leather product to those who demand the best.  Recommended by the German Tannery and Leather Institute, Valentino Garemi proudly stocks this range for our Canadian customers.
How to use:
Be sure shoes are free of loose soil and dry before applying Burgol Sports Wax. Use a soft cloth to apply a thin, even layer. To work into seams and other tight places use a brush. Buff with your choice of a polishing brush, chamois or mitt to your desired shine. Regular use provides reliable protection.

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