Gum Eraser for Nubuck Footwear & Garments by Famaco France

This stain eraser block of extremely soft rubber has the ability to absorb and remove stains, soiling and greasy spots without damaging fragile nubuck leather. Very fine textured suede and delicate nubucks need to be treated with the extra care of the Famaco Special Nubuck Gum Eraser. The key to effective soil removal without harming the napped leather is control and patience as you use the eraser. You know a company is not taking its responsibility lightly when it offers a number of grades within the same catagory, responding to the customer’s desire to match the leather’s needs precisely to the product available.  Famaco is responsive to even subtle differences in leathers, offering a broad and deep range of care tools now in Canada through Valentino Garemi.
How to use;
Just like the erasers used to correct mistakes in writing and artwork, the nubuck eraser is gently rubbed over the areas where staining has occured. The eraser works in a couple of ways - it absorbs the stains and it moves the stain physically off of the leather. Gentle, feathering movements are the best way to clean without harm. When done, gently brush the whole item to restore the nap.

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