Leather Care Set - Footwear Garments or Accessories by Famaco France

When you are dealing with staining on your favorite fine leather shoes or boots, turn to the Famaco Luxury Leather Footwear Care Set from Valentino Garemi. Famaco Leather and Canvas Universal Stain Removal Lotion is an effective yet gentle stain remover with a major benefit of being appropriate to use on leather, textiles and other materials. Multi material crafted footwear and other goods can be cleaned with one product without fear. Once the leather is cleaned use Famaco Luxury Mink Oil to condition and protect without harsh chemicals. The handy chamois included in this shoe care kit is perfect for applying the cleaner, removing the soil, applying the mink oil, and buffing all to your preferred finish.

Famaco began supplying wise lovers of leather and textiles with exemplary footwear products in 1931. Using natural, nourishing ingredients that work exceptionally well the Famaco brand means luxurious leather care, available online in North America from Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Be sure to brush off dirt and to wipe off any liquid spills. Use a clean area of the chamois to apply the Famaco Leather and Canvas Universal Stain Removal Lotion on stains and a small area around the soiling. Allow to soak in and dissolve the dirt, grease and/or other unwanted substances and then use a clean area of the chamois to remove the dislodged staining. After cleaning use the Famaco Luxury Mink Oil on the chamois to condition and nourish the entire item. Once the mink oil is well absorbed use the chamois to remove excess product, buff and shine.

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