Leather & Textile Cleaner – Spotless Washer Fleca by Burgol Germany

If stubborn stains from oil, tar, resin or grease mar your leather footwear, bags, vehicle or boat interiors, furniture, or other items Burgol Cleaner (Fleca) comes to the rescue. This cleaner is extremely effective and removes greasy, sticky residues as well as eradicating salt, sweat and water stains. It can be used on car, boat and other hard surfaces as well as fabrics. It will not remove the color of materials treated according to directions. Burgol products are made in Europe with close attention to detail and effective and proven natural formulas that have remained unchanged for decades. Premium quality leather care recognized by the German Leather Institute is now just a click away online at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian fine leather and textile experts.
How to use: Using just a little at a time, dampen a clean cloth with Fleca and apply to the stains you wish to remove from your leather or other material. Rub gently, moving to clean areas of the cloth as the stain is removed and absorbed into the cloth. Feather around the edges of the stain as it is removed to avoid a ring.

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