Microfiber Textile Cleaning for All Fabric & Materials Omni by Saphir

Cleaning fabrics and other textiles can be a challenge, but Saphir Omni Textile Spray is an effective yet gentle solution for these tough job. Apply the penetrating foam formulation to textiles that need cleaning, including shoes, bags, luggage and decorative items. Microfiber and stretch fabrics also can benefit from a cleaning treatment with this textile cleaning product, and it can be used on mixed-material items such as leather shoes or bags with textile trim to clean and freshen the entire item. Today’s footwear. luggage and upholstery are often made of mixed materials, and Saphir has developed a line of cleansers and conditioners that can manage care of both textiles and leathers with great results.  Check out the range at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian source for high quality fabric and leather care.
How to use;
Make sure to work with Saphir Omni Textile in a well ventilated area. Apply the foam to all areas of the the item to be cleaned, allowing the foam to penetrate and lift away dirt and grime. Use this product regularly to keep items looking clean and fresh. Wipe with a clean cloth and polish appropriate areas when dry.

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