Oiled Leather Set – Garments Accessories & Shoe Care Kit by Famaco

You need very targeted care for your oiled leather footwear and other goods and our Famaco Luxury Natural Oil-Based Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Set meets these requirements without fail. Famaco Saddle Soap is a low foaming cleanser that lifts dirt, grease and built up leather care products gently but effectively from oiled leather, softening and conditioning while it cleans. To restore the oiled finish we include Famaco Oiled Leather Cream as a finishing step. The included dauber and chamois make application of the products easy, the dauber getting into tight places and the soft cotton chamois removing dirt, grime and excess product and restoring the finish of smooth leather items when the treatment is completed. French-made Famaco leather products are a welcome addition to any shoe shine kit or leather and textile care collection. Eighty five years of highest quality production are shared with the North American consumer online at Valentino Garemi, your trusted source for the best in leather and textile care and conditioning.                                                                                                                                                                                          How to use:
Remove any loose dirt and then use a damp chamois to apply the Famaco Saddle Soap. To clean seams and welts work the saddle soap in with the dauber. Wipe and blot the leather goods with a clean area of the chamois and allow to dry. Apply with Famaco Oiled Leather Cream with a clean area of the chamois and work the lotion into tight areas with the rinsed and dried dauber. Allow to dry and use a brush or the chamois to remove lingering product and revive finish.

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