Precious Leather Lotion For Luxury Designer Articles by Famaco Paris

Authentic leather items are prone to drying out and becoming frail with time, especially when exposed to daily use. Based on beeswax and jojoba oil, Famaco’s Precious leather lotion works to combat issues related to unavoidable dryness seen in leather items. This gentle lotion reintroduces moisture into the leather fibres, alleviating the brittleness of dry leather and preventing cracks. Capable of restoring the original suppleness of your leather items, this emollient is safe to use on your most precious items including belts, wallets, shoes, jackets, purses, loafers, suitcases, gloves, hats and wristwatch straps.
To use, simply apply a dime sized amount of lotion to a microfiber cloth and work into the material using circular motions, adding more as needed.

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