Protective Leather Oil - Waterproof Nubuck Footwear by Saphir France

A naturally derived treatment for all leathers and oiled textiles, Saphir Leather Oil is an extremely effective way to care for these specialty materials. The perfect way to maintain the water resistant and weatherproof nature of smooth leather and oiled leather and nubuck footwear and apparel. Snow, water, dirt and grime are shed easily when Saphir Leather Oil is used regularly, with the bonus of a more comfortable, flexible feel. Use also for oiled textiles such as hunting or outdoor working clothing. Saphir stands out among the many leather and textile products available because of its high quality and broad range for different applications. Browse the Saphir products we have collected online at Canada’s Valentino Garemi. The leather and textile supplier for North American customers.

How to use:
Make sure the articles to be treated are free of any loose dirt. Brush if necessary to provide a cleared surface for the treatment. Spray the articles to be treated liberally with the liquid oil. It's high fluidity means it will absorb well. Allow to dry after treatment before wearing. Use regularly for the best results.

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