Reptile Leather Lotion by Saphir France

If looking for a quality reptile leather care product, find it in Saphir Reptan. A luxurious milk-like leather lotion, this specialized formula cleans, conditions and intensifies the natural beauty of reptilian leathers, including snake, alligator, crocodile, and shark. Protects these unique leathers and their interesting textures without changing color or altering any special effects applied their finishes. Comes complete with a soft, cotton chamois for gentle but thorough application. The extensive range of Saphir products offered by the award-winning French company means you will be able to care for all of your leather goods appropriately, even those that are rare, delicate or with special needs. You can count on the partnership of Saphir with Valentino Garemi, the Canadian online Saphir source, to meet all your leather care challenges.
How to use: Dampen the soft chamois included with the Sahir Reptan and rub gently into the leather to be treated. Move to clean areas of the cloth as you work over the surface of the leather. Once the entire piece has been treated allow drying then buff to your desired level of shine with another clean, soft cloth or chamois.

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