Saphir Desalter - Winter Cleaner for all Leather & Textile Footwear

When the weather turns cold and snow and icy sidewalks and streets are tamed with salt, your leather footwear needs the intensive care offered by Desalter Saphir. Salt and other chemicals used to de-ice during the winter months can stain and damage shoes. Apply this innovative product with a soft cloth and let dry to see the dirt and salt deposits disappear from your smooth leathers. This liquid is also effective in removing traces of resin and silicone left behind by inferior shoe care products. Rather than just providing cover ups Saphir's products are practical and effective formulations that restore and repair harm done to your leather goods. Whether through damp, dirt or hard use the damage can be undone with one of the nurturing and restoring Saphir products, available online at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian leather care store.
How to use:
Brush any dirt or other loose debris off the shoes, boots or other articles. Clean with an appropriate Saphir leather cleanser. Then apply Saphir Hiver-Winter Salt and Snow Stain Remover to any white areas, indicating a salt buildup, on the leather with a soft cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly and condition and polish as usual.

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