Shoe Cream Applicator Brush Set – Long Body Dauber by Valentino Garemi

Superb set of lengthy shoe applicator brushes manufactured in Germany and made from light coated beech wood and genuine boar hair. Designed for helping users in reaching deep into shoe cream glass jars or regular shine paste tin cans without compromises. All jar bottom left paste will be convenient collected by those long pen style brushes and easy spread on the desired shoes. Superior quality shoe brush set intended to all shoe care users in need for practical tools that will serve to ease up the regular process of maintaining leather footwear or garments. Each brush size its: 4.25 inch long x 1.15 inch by the bristles holder area. The pen handle has the circumference of 5/8 of an inch. Made by German artisans with a flair for fashion and a passion for practical and effective performance, Valentino Garemi’s tools and formulas can be found easily online or on Amazon. A video presentation of the product can be found on Youtube for illustrative purposes only.

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