Stain Remover / Absorbent Powder - Terre de Sommieres by Avel

Absorbing unwanted liquids, oils and a range of additional materials, Avel Terre de Sommieres Stain Remover can be applied to leather, wood, tile and other natural items to remove life’s mishaps. The spill or stain is transferred to the finely grained absorbent powder, made from entirely natural materials, leaving the underlying article free of the offending debris. No soaping, scrubbing or rinsing is necessary, retaining your possessions’ integrity. A unique way to manage a variety of stains. Natural ingredients achieve the very best results meaning leather and textile care products from Avel are superior to those found elsewhere. You invest much for your footwear, upholstery and other purchases so it makes sense to use the French standard of fabric and leather care to clean, condition and maintain.

How to use: Avel Terre de Sommieres is a fine-grained powder; its use is straightforward. Apply a small amount to the offending stain or debris and the powder will absorb the spill or residue that is making a mark. Just brush off and discard the powder once it has done its job.

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