Suede Leather Restore & Renovateur by Famaco France

The Suede Renovator by Famaco France is designed to soften, restore and improve the appearance of faded colors on suede footwear affected by moisture, dry/wet weather, or just regular build-up dust. This great addition to your suede/nubuck products collection is the Famaco Raviv Daim Daim Nubuck it comes in a compact 100ml pump pulverize system aluminum bottle with neutral colored renovator solution. The neutral color will allow you to restore and prevent dulling to all-colored suede and nubuck leathers. Since 1931, Famaco France is combining tradition, innovation, and versatility with high-quality and easy-to-use products for a large range of leather-type products. Valentino Garemi is the only Canadian Shoe Care reseller that will offer the Famaco products to all North American valuable customers.
How to Use: Before using the suede renovator make sure your suede items are thoroughly cleaned using a crepe brush and suede shampoo. You should only work in a well-ventilated area, pulverize the renovateur from 15 cm away from the surface, ensuring even coverage. Wait 15 minutes before brushing with a special brush to fluff the nap and leave your suede looking as good as new.

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