Suede Nubuck Cleaning Brush - Brass Bristles - Bubinga Wood By Famaco

Suede is a beautiful and interesting form of leather, but because of its plush texture and open pores it needs special attention from the Famaco Brush Brass Bristles, Bubinga Wood Handle. Suede can attract dirt and mat down to create shiny areas that need to be maintained regularly with this specialized brass bristle brush. The fine metal bristles separate and lift up the suede fibers and sweep dust and dirt away. This brush can also be gently used on nubuck. Famaco has been attending to the specific needs of leather materials since 1931, A family owned business moving into its third generation, the company makes high quality shoe polishes, cleaners, protectants and conditioners. Tools to apply the products and clean and revive the surfaces are also made by Famaco and sold in Canada online by Valentino Garemi.

How to use: The elegant handle of this brush reminds that the movement across the suede or nubuck surface needs to be careful and gentle. Work in short strokes and do not dig the brush in deeply. Treat the sueded fibers gently, fluffing not pulling, untangling any fibers that have matted down carefully.

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