Suede Nubuck Cleaning Shampoo – Shoes Stain Remove by Famaco France

Extraordinarily effective for cleaning napped leathers, Famaco Vel Vel Suede and Nubuck Shampoo comes complete with a sponge to help with the application. The shampoo is neutral in tint making it appropriate for any color of textured leather. Very effective on stains; the formula is meant to be rinsed off of the shoe, taking the soil and stain with it. Removing both stain and residue is a fresh start for your precious shoes and leather accessories. Team up with Famaco and Valentino Garemi to enjoy your leather footwear, bags, furniture and accessories for many years to come. In a throwaway society it is a relief to find such a respected company, developing and crafting natural, high quality products to preserve the feel, comfort and style of your favourite leathers.
How to use:
Clean any loose soil from the item with a brush or cloth, Support the item with something suitable, a plastic shoe tree for footwear or crumpled up newspapers for a bag or the legs of boots. Using the sponge, apply the liquid and gently rub into a lather. Concentrate on areas that are stained. Rinse with clear water until all lather and soil is gone. Dry away from heat and use a suede/nubuck brush to lift the nap.

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