Suede Shoe Cleaning Brush - Real Crepe & Bubinga Wood by Famaco Paris

The Suede Cleaning Brush with african bubenga wood handle and natural crepe bristles from Famaco provides precisely care needed for all suede and nubuck leathers, which require different approach to cleaning due to the texture of their surface. Ribbons of crepe rubber are embedded into a beautiful reddish brown hardwood handle, African Rosewood, also known as Bubenga. The crepe gently but efficiently removes dust and dirt from the napped leather, and also raises the nap which restores the feel and look of the material.
Famaco leather care tools are made with great care, the materials used sourced so that the tool will not only be useful but also handsome and durable. Natural materials are favoured, beneficial for the leather, the user and the environment. Buy your French-made Famaco products from Valentino Garemi, Toronto's online leather experts.
How to use:
Unlike a regular bristle or hair brush, the Famaco Bubenga Wood Natural Crepe Suede Brush uses undulating strips of high quality crepe rubber, The technique is a little different , with the most effective approach being feathering the brush in short strokes across the shoe, bag or clothing to remove dirt and dust and restore the texture of the nap.

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