Suede Shoe Stain Eraser & Marks Remover by Famaco France

If you love the look of napped leathers like suede and nubuck you will welcome the convenience and effectiveness of the Suede Shoe Stain Eraser. The textures of these luxury leathers can be a real magnet for soil and grease, destroying the beauty of your footwear, clothing or bag. Working without any harsh cleansers, the eraser absorbs the dirt, stains and even unwanted oil and grease that can mar your napped leather possessions. If you want options galore for solving your smooth leather, textile and napped leather care challenges, Famaco is the company to rely upon. Offering cleansers, conditioners, polishes, protectants and specialized tools to assist with luxury materials, this French icon will have just the solution for your problem, products now offered in Canada by Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
The finely textured block is exactly like an eraser for napped leather mistakes and misfortunes. Brush away any loose soil and try to work with only dry suede or nubuck. Gently, using short, feathering strokes, rub the gum over the offending areas. The gum will absorb the unwanted staining, crumbling a bit. Discard crumbled pieces and brush the item after cleaning to refresh the nap.

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