Traditional Leather Furniture Care Set – Clean & Protect by Avel France

Follow the guidance of the leather experts at Avel as we did when developing this Traditional Leather Care Set For Furniture. Use Avel Leather Soap to remove dirt, grease, oils and any buildup of previously applied leather products, cleaning thoroughly and allowing the pores to breathe on your leather furniture. Natural ingredients and an included sponge make this specialty soap a favorite solution to stubborn soiling. Use the Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth to whisk away the dirt and residues before protecting your newly cleaned leather items with Avel Leather Wax Spray. The fine mist penetrates even seams and tight corners, the formula developed by Avel specifically for upholstery and other larger leather items. Avel takes leather care seriously, offering established French brands like Saphir and developing its own range of superior leather care products. Browse the many Avel and Saphir offerings online at Valentino Garemi, your Canadian leather care experts.
How to use:
Brush off any loose dirt and wipe up any liquid spill before using Avel Leather Soap. Dampen the sponge in the tin and apply the soap in a circular motion across the areas in need of cleansing. Allow the soap to soften the dirt and grime and then remove the soap and soil with the Chamois. Complete your treatment of leather items with a protective misting of Avel Leather Wax Spray. Allow to dry then buff with a clean chamois.

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