Waterproof for Footwear & Clothing Nano Invulner by Saphir France

Developed and formulated in France, Saphir Nano Invulner Spray is an excellent water, dirt and stain protectant that helps in avoiding damage due to snow, rain, salt, grit and grime on a variety of leather and textile surfaces. Based on ingenious nanotechnology that will guarantee superior protection in any wet condition the Nano Invulner will create a protective barrier while allowing breathing capacity of all types of leather and TEX materials. Spraying once or twice monthly is recommended for best results. As the technology of the materials used for footwear and outdoor equipment changes and improves, Saphir works hard on developing products that will care appropriately for these new approaches. If you are looking for products that can care for leather and textiles at the same time review the options from Saphir at Valentino Garemi, Canada’s footwear and foot care store.
How to use:
Brush off all surface dirt before using Saphir Nano Invulner Spray to protect your footwear and outerwear from the wet, icy and salty conditions of the North. Spray an even layer over all surfaces and allow to dry before using or wearing. You will get the most consistent results if you apply it on a regular basis.

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