Wood Filling Paste for Antiques Furniture & Frames by Louis XIII Paris

High grade wood restoration product, The Wood Filling Paste by Louis XIII France is designed to fill the wood cracks, chipped or splits antique furniture, wood picture frames or unsightly flaws on your wood floor. The wood filling paste can be sanded, sawed, varnished, stained or waxed. Quick drying product recommended for interior and exterior projects; based on wood flour to give it all the properties and qualities of natural wood.
Note: If filling an area greater than 1 cubic cm. the second applications will be required.
How To Use: Prep the surface that requires filling. This area may need sanding to smooth any rough areas surrounding it. Clear away the dust and debris. Using a putty knife or gloved finger, apply filler to area pressing in as needed. Once dry, sand over filled area to smooth out the surface of wood and apply desired finish to the freshly filled space.

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