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Best Way to Remove Stains from Leather Furniture

March 24, 2018

Best Way to Remove Stains from Leather Furniture

As we enter some of the busiest home entertaining time of the year you should stop for a moment and consider your personal choice of upholstery. If you are reading this post it is almost sure to be leather.

What a dilemma. You love the look and feel of your buttery soft leather furniture and want to show it off when friends and family gather. But every time you invite folks into your home you risk having your investment in handsome leather ruined by an errant wine stain or a cascade of delicious chips and dip.

And if that happens, what is the answer to removing stains from leather furniture?

Take a three-pronged approach:

Avoid the Damage

Perhaps the easiest way is to be proactive and minimize the chance your leather furniture will fall prey to the spills and soils of the season in the first place. As you plan for the festivities take a look at your living area. When your guests are relaxing and enjoying your food and drink can they easily find a safe place for a glass or plate? Or are they left to awkwardly balance everything and hope for the best? Make sure there are plenty of tables and ledges available for your guests to set drinks and food on before the fun begins.

Deep clean and condition the leather in advance of the party to give it the best chance to resist spills and stains. First vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dirt, and then use one of our
leather cleaners to complete the job. As you and your guests will be sitting on the furniture, consider a natural product like Collonil Organic Bamboo Lotion. This product will also condition the leather, keeping it supple and better able to resist moisture. For even more concentrated protection, use a quality leather protectant like Anti-Stain Leather Spray by Avel.

Be Ready for the “Oops”

Once the party begins is a little late to react if an accident does happen, but set your mind at ease by preparing a rescue kit. Have a small bucket at the ready in the kitchen with some soft, white terry towels and a bit of clear water. If a spill happens immediately respond by using a white towel to absorb the liquid or to gently wipe off the food. Blot gently -- be sure not to rub as that may spread the stain. A barely dampened towel can be used to remove sauces or dips. If you act quickly the damage may be negligible.

Post-Party Protocol

If the spill needs more attention resolve the situation right after the guests depart. Our Avel Soap Cleaner and Regenerant, Saphir RenoMat or Leather Soap can really come to the rescue; closely follow the directions and follow up with Leather Conditioners or perhaps our Saphir Renovateur or Avel Cream Renovator if some fading or discoloration has occurred.

Be prepared and then relax and enjoy your party. Cheers!

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