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How to Maintain Home Furniture

March 16, 2019

How to Maintain Home Furniture

Think about how often you complete maintenance on your vehicle.

Now consider how often you clean, restore and repair your household’s furniture.

Just like your vehicle, you should be taking regular care of wood and leather furniture throughout your home. When proper maintenance is completed on your furniture, you can achieve a range of benefits! Here are four of them:

- Helps Protect Your Investment

More than likely, you paid a decent amount of money when choosing your home’s furniture. That’s why it’s now important to properly look after that investment!

To maintain wood furniture, use a high-quality wood furniture cleaner and de-greaser, such as Cleaner & Degreaser by Louis XIII. Recommended for any type of furniture, this unique formula promises to dissolve and remove stains, grease spots and other impurities.

If you have a lot of antique wood furniture, then this specially formulated cleaner will conceal small imperfections without creating any damage.

- Keeps Your Furniture Looking Amazing

When properly taken care of, furniture can stay beautiful for many years. Leather, in particular, is a timeless look that can gain even more personality and character when used over time.

To help your leather age gracefully, keep your furniture away from heating sources which can dry the leather. Cleaning your leather furniture with high-quality leather cleaning products is also key.  The Avel’s France Cleaner Conditioner & Renovating Balm is one of our most popular products when it comes to cleaning, conditioning and protecting large pieces of leather furniture. Using a nourishing beeswax formula, this cream wax restores suppleness and color to leather.

   - Provides an Opportunity to Address Problems

What do you use your furniture for?

Whether it’s to sit on, lay on, or hold objects, your furniture serves a certain purpose. This purpose can’t be achieved if the furniture is no longer comfortable or becomes damaged.

When furniture is well looked after, small blemishes, stains and tears can be addressed promptly – before too much time has passed or further damage occurs. Just like with clothing, stains have a better chance of being completely removed from furniture as soon as possible after an accident occurs. 

For water based light stains our Organic Eco Cleaner can be easily applied to leather, wood and more to remove unwanted stain or debris. The best part? No soaping, scrubbing or rinsing is required for this natural stain remover to work its magic!

- Saves You Money

Taking the time now to properly clean, protect and restore your furniture will help extend the lifetime of your furniture. Instead of purchasing new furniture earlier than expected, your hard earned money can be spent on other household necessities.

To maintain your leather or wood furniture in the best condition possible, you will need some superior furniture care products. At Valentino Garemi, we carefully select our leather care and furniture care products from international sources to provide you with the best quality products available on the market.

To help you with your shopping experience, contact us at 1-519-279-1380 or by email sales@valentinogaremi.com.

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