New Valentino Garemi Soft Gel Foot Care Products Bring Comfort to Every Step

August 09, 2019

New Valentino Garemi Soft Gel Foot Care Products Bring Comfort to Every Step

When it comes to footwear, are you tired of having to choose between comfort and fashion?
With the new collection of shoe care protection products from Valentino Garemi, you no longer have to make that decision – you can be comfortable while wearing your cutest shoes!
Inside Shoe Comfort Kit
With this kit comprised of gel side liners, anti-rubbing dots, heel supports and heel cushions, you can say goodbye to shoe discomfort!
Made from an invisible-looking gel material, the set of eight pieces will prevent shoe discomfort caused by skin rubbing or insufficient heel cushioning.
Position the set of two ultra-soft heel supports to absorb shocks and improve heel comfort. Apply the kit’s adhesive liners and dots wherever a burning or rubbing feeling has been experienced.
To keep the product in great condition, hand wash using mild soap and rinse thoroughly with water.
Toe Cover Protection for Office Dress Shoes
The soft Toe Cover Protection set is comprised of ultra-soft gel toe covers that will absorb shocks and improve comfort when worn in dress shoes.
Skin rubbing or pressure will be a thing of the past once you’ve slipped your toes into these resistant silicone covers!
Easy to clean – simply use warm water after wearing.
Sandal Toe Strap Cushion with Forefoot Silicone Pad
The set of two sandal toe strap cushions with forefoot silicon pads are used to provide comfort while wearing sandals and flip flops.
The super soft gel pads are positioned with strong adhesive so that the ball of the foot and the area in between the toes will be protected from skin rubbing. An excellent shock absorbent that releases pressure. Great for walking or standing for long periods!
Use mild soap and water to clean the product.
Exceptional Quality-Made Products
Like all of our other products, these new foot care products are made with quality in mind.
Internationally imported, these soft gel shoe products were created using rigorous manufacturing standards. They have been tested to ensure they remain comfortable, adhesive and in good condition after hours of wear.
Easy care instructions are included and when followed, your new soft gel shoe comfort kits will provide long-lasting comfort for years to come.
To see our full line of foot care and shoe care products, visit our website.

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