Saphir Renovateur - How To Clean, Condition And Polish Fine Leather

April 26, 2018

Saphir Renovateur - How To Clean, Condition And Polish Fine Leather

Using Saphir Renovateur on your fine footwear and other leathers is remarkably easy to do and reaps huge benefits for the appearance, comfort and longevity of your possessions. Begin by assembling the tools and accessories needed to properly apply your Saphir Renovateur:
1. Shoe Trees
These will help greatly if you are cleaning and polishing shoes, holding their shape and aiding in drying.
2. Saphir Horsehair Brush
This brush will gently whisk away loose soil and excess shoe care products.
3. Chamois cleaning cloth
A supply of these cloths assists in applying Saphir Renovateur and can also work the product in and help remove soiling.
4. Saphir Brush Pommadier or Saphir Spatula Brush
One or the other of these brushes will help work the Saphir Renovateur into the seams and creases of your leather goods.
5. Polishing Brush
To achieve the shine you desire a high quality polishing brush is key.
First remove any laces and install the shoe trees if working with footwear. If you are treating bags empty and stuff with paper. Wallets, belts and other small leathers need to be emptied and all fasteners loosened.
Use a horsehair brush to remove any dirt, dust and residue. Long, sweeping motions from heel to toe for shoes works well. If you are preparing boots also brush from the top edge to the bottom. Make sure other items are thoroughly brushed side to side and on the edges.
If there is any obvious dirt that cannot be brushed off, use a bit of water on a clean cloth to remove. Make sure to let the leather dry completely before proceeding.
Applying Renovateur 
Wrap a Saphir Chamois Cleaning Cloth around your fingers and dab it into the jar of Saphir Renovateur. Load a small amount of the Renovateur onto the cloth and begin rubbing it into the leather. Use smooth, circular motions to work the cream into the leather, reloading the cloth as necessary.
If the cloth becomes soiled as you work move the cloth on your fingers to a clean area. To reach tight areas use the Saphir Pommadier or Spatula Brush to ensure the rich cream gets into all seams and welts.
Once all leather has been coated with an even layer of Renovateur, allow the product to be absorbed for several minutes. The cream is very concentrated so you do not need to over apply.
Once the Renovateur has been absorbed use a new cleaning cloth or polishing brush to buff the shoes or other leather to your desired shine. Alternatively use the Saphir Shining Pad or Shining Glove to finish polishing your shoes.
Other Options
Once you have buffed away the excess Renovateur you are also ready to use any colored paste or cream based polishes desired to complete the beautification of your valuable leathers. Also keep in mind that Saphir offers Renovateur in a tube for precise application and in a spray formula for napped leathers like suede and nubuck.

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