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How to clean your fine leather purse or wallet

March 25, 2018

How to clean your fine leather purse or wallet

Many times we asked ourselves what special tools or products are available for a perfect leather cleaning job for whatever leather items that you own (purses, wallets, bags, footwear, garments etc...) and what are the essential steps to perform such task.
In this case, you don’t need to be a good cleaning expert, but the task does require to spare time and desire in order to save your precious belongings.
Finding those, you are now identifying good quality products to challenge with and hope you’ll obtain a perfect care job. In fact, you must obtain the right articles that are manufactured for - leather cleaning, conditioning and protection. In general, we recommend gathering the following items: cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, cream applicator, buffing cloths – two pieces, conditioner (cream, gels, waxes, lotions, etc...) and protector. During shoe service or regular maintenance make sure you are having handy a good interior moisture absorbed (shoe or foot powder) and shoe odor repellent.
Few steps are recommended to follow, as:
1. Cleaning Leather – Using the cleaning cloth with circular motions clean for dust, dirt or light stains. Usually, we recommend damping the cloth with clean water for better performance. Switch the cloth with brush for deeper cleaning or tougher dirt/dust stains.
2. Apply cleaning solution with applicator brush or just with cleaning cloth (using the wrap cloth two finger technique) with circular motions, massaging conditioner by brush on all leather surfaces and making sure entire area gets covered. Let the leather rest for 30 min., allowing proper absorption of conditioner.
3. With a clean cloth perform buffing off excess conditioner; using similar motions as explained in application process. If some areas of leather require extra conditioner repeat the process mentioned on step two.
4. Last step will be to applied protector, and in this case, we recommend to use products based on Nano products since this new technology proofed to deliver great results in weather protection.
Finishing all this process you’ll ensure your leather goods will receive the proper recommended care, along with prolonging life span and suppleness. All require tools and care products can be found at Valentino Garemi’s web store; your Canadian Leather Care and Shoe Care expert focused to provide you hard to find quality products and the best customer.

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