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Shoe Care Kit - Renoir - from Famaco France

March 28, 2018

Shoe Care Kit - Renoir - from Famaco France

The Famaco Shoe Care brand is a name known globally for their quality leather care products. They have successfully made a name for themselves as a leading brand for your everyday leather care needs, from cleaning and nourishing the leather to protecting and shinning. The Luxury Shoe Care Kit – Renoir offers all the tools vital in properly caring for your fine leather. Don’t be fooled by the name, this kit can be used on many other leather items in your home, not just footwear.

 This leather care set comes equipped with the many essentials for your leather belongings;
- Polishing brush for buffing to beautiful shine after polish is applied.
- a cloth, which plays a vital role and can be utilized in varying ways. This cloth can be used for applying the included, shoe creams or leather balm.
- The Famaco leather balm is perfect for cleaning and conditioning. Simply apply with your cotton cloth or with one of the two jar daubers and allow drying.
- Following up with the Famaco shoe creams, there is the added bonus of having access to neutral and black in this kit. Applying the cream to nourish the leather, it works by absorbing into the pores of the leather allowing it to return to its original color.
- The last shoe care tool in this case is the 7” long shoe horn. Made from light and durable plastic with the imitation of a real horn.
All of these wonderful items are included in this beautiful piano finish shoe care valet box.
When you make the decision that you want to properly care for your expensive leather than you should consider purchasing this kit, it will serve you well.

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