The power of Leather Balm

March 24, 2018

The power of Leather Balm

The Power of Woly Leather Balm – Cleaning a salty leather bag.

A severe winter is all to common in our northern climes, and this last season has been a doozy. Boots and other footwear may bear the brunt of the salt, sand and slush, but leather purses, briefcases and bags are also challenged by the icy wet and the chemicals used to keep streets and sidewalks clear.
Take a look at this black Fossil bag. It is made of soft, slightly distressed leather, but the distress has become a four alarm emergency. Because its owner has allowed it to rest on the floor of the car the snow and salt have melted together to cause water damage and salt build up. Evidence of this harm is the filmy, white buildup and white streaks on the strap.
In addition, the leather is becoming dried out and stiff, curling at the edge of the outside pocket.
The white, salty coating is particularly obvious on the back of the purse.
The purchase of this purse was an investment intended to last for many years. Unfortunately the salt and water damage suffered by the purse this winter is unsightly and is threatening the integrity of the bag. No one wants to hang this strap from the shoulder risking damage to apparel. And the base of the purse seems to be in danger of losing its integrity, soon to risk weak spots and perhaps holes.
Is the only course of action disposing of this shoulder bag and vowing to keep its replacement out of the weather and off the floor? We recommend that before such drastic matters are taken a little treatment with Woly Leather Balm be taken to see if the former glory of this soft and supple bag can be restored.
First a gentle bath of clear water removes much of the dirt and salt. Using a clean terry rag all areas of the bag are wiped clean.
The buckle is moved on the strap so the Leather Balm can revitalize that area. Some metal residue from the brass buckle is evident on the strap.
A thin layer of Leather Balm is applied on all areas of the purse. Special care is taken to ensure the pleats and edges of the pockets are covered with the conditioner.
The treatment is allowed to saturate the leather for at least two hours.
Take a look at how clean, soft and supple the leather looks after the treatment has taken effect.
The deep, rich black leather glows with no salty residue or stiffness evident... Even the brass marks on the strap have disappeared.
The base of the bag is soft and refreshed, All the white salt staining is gone, replaced with the healthy grain of well-cared for leather.

Regular conditioning treatments with Leather Honey will keep this attractive handbag working with its owner for years to come. The thick, clear non toxic formula repels moisture avoiding salt and water damage in the future, a perfect plan.

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