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Upgrade to Burgol Leather Products

March 23, 2018

Upgrade to Burgol Leather Products

We at Valentino Garemi are always seeking the finest in leather care from masters around the world. Recently we added a range of products from Burgol, a European brand that caught our eye because of its use of natural ingredients and a tradition that stretches almost 100 years.
Burgol leather care products are based upon a palm wax formula first devised in 1921. The Järmann family began production for sale in the mid-1930s in Switzerland, always adhering to the original, nourishing shoe polish. The Burgol name honors the town and the medieval castle in the town, dating from about 1200 AD, continues to be the range’s logo to this day.
Beginning as a local phenomenon the Burgol brand expanded over the years into distribution throughout Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Still handmade according to the traditional recipes, production has increased and the superior quality maintained.

Extremely High Quality
Encompassing cleaners, conditioners, protectors and polishes, the Burgol line is just what the discerning leather owner desires and demands. A custom blend of natural waxes and oils, configured appropriately for each use, Burgol products avoid the harsh synthetic additives other leather care companies rely upon. Your leather footwear and other possession will regain and retain the suppleness and the natural glow that drew you to purchase them when Burgol products are used regularly.
Long Lasting Beauty and Life
When you choose Burgol your leather shoes, boots, bags and furniture become longtime companions, the deeply nourishing and effectively protecting ingredients caring for your possessions so they can be enjoyed for years. Carnauba palm wax, cod liver oil and purified animal fats are some of the natural ingredients fine leathers hunger for, hydrating, softening and protecting. Turpentine sourced from balsam pine returns to its rightful place, clarifying the surface of the leather without the harshness of petroleum based solvents. All ingredients are time proven, with a history of caring for leather the correct way for centuries.
Hard To Find Products
When you invest in fine leathers 
you need products to care for every precious inch of them. Burgol offers specialty products for cordovan shell leather, leather sole care and seam and welt sealing. Russian leather, “Juchten,” a heritage material, supple and durable, rarely seen today inspires products for outdoor use.
Modern Materials
Even today’s high tech fabrics can benefit from the cleaners and protectants developed by Burgol. Camping and hiking equipment made of modern polymers and the traditional leather and fabrics preferred by purists all welcome the care and conditioning of Burgol.
Intense Pigmentation
The colored polishes and waxes offered by Burgol are in a class by themselves, rich and luxurious. When combined with the high quality oils, waxes and turpentine, all natural, the user is rewarded after application and buffing to a remarkable shine, especially glossy when treated to a water polish.
Superlative Quality With Unquestioned Value
Burgol will not disappoint even the most discriminating consumer, its products certified by the German Tannery and Leather Institute. Its superb performance is rivaled by its efficacy, one 100 ml container polishing 240 pairs of shoes. Your leather goods will breathe, shine and feel wonderfully soft and conditioned without losing any structural integrity.
An investment in Burgol products is a natural for the savvy customer. We invite you to browse the range and find the products and quality you require.

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