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Weather Any Storm: Protect and Rejuvenate Your Fine Leathers and Your Feet

March 23, 2018

Weather Any Storm: Protect and Rejuvenate Your Fine Leathers and Your Feet

From the ice, salt and snow of a Northern Winter to the dehydration and sun damage of the Southern seashores and deserts, shoes and other fine leathers face many challenges on the North American Continent. Handsome boots and beautiful sandals can be ravaged by the weather, yet still look smooth and lustrous and feel soft and supple if quality leather and shoe creams, protectants and conditioners are used regularly. Leather lovers from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada to Miami, Florida in the United States guard and rejuvenate their precious footwear and apparel using products from the wide range we carry at Valentino Garemi.

First Protect

Every new purchase of shoes, boots or clothing made on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, the Miracle Mile in Chicago or on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal deserves a little pre-wear protection. Collonil offers leather protection with its Classic Gel, appropriate for smooth as well as suede and nubuck leathers. Look also to Collonil's Organic range, including its Bamboo Lotion and Protect and Care, for gentle yet effective organic leather and textile care protective products. Never made with harsh chemicals or solvents, Collonil's products will appeal to environmentally conscious folks everywhere, whether in San Francisco or Halifax. The organic power of bamboo and olive oil wonderfully prepares fine leathers and fabrics to shed dirt and moisture, keeping that out-of-the-box look for your favorite footwear, coats and even bags and furniture.

Water damage can be a problem in rainy cities like Vancouver, Houston and Seattle, but Woly and Moneysworth & Best are companies that take waterproofing fine leathers seriously. Invest in Shoe wax Himalaya by Woly or Gloss Dubbin for highly effective water and dirt protection for everything from hard-working boots to dressy pumps; any smooth leather will appreciate the treatment. Moneysworth & Best also has a high-quality Dubbin that guards against water penetration of not only footwear, but any outdoor gear you depend upon to keep you dry and warm.

Clean and Remove Stains

Sometimes having fun means getting a little dirty. Maybe your favorite flats had a tussle with some spillage at the famous farmers' market in Lansing or your best nubuck bag acquired a battle scar or two on the subway in New York. The right leather cleaning tools and products will soon return a soiled shoe or sticky bag to a pristine condition, without losing the one second of memory of the enjoyable outing. Check out our collection of shoe brushes and suede erasers from Star and Moneysworth & Best to chase the grime away, and be amazed at how effective our Suede and Nubuck cleansers and good old fashioned saddle soap can be. One particularly prized product is Moneysworth & Bests Salt Stain Remover, eliminating the ugly white ghosting occurring on the footwear of those who brave the streets of the snowy North Country across Canada and the Northern US every winter.

Reverse Time and Neglect

Life is hectic, and sometimes even our best intentions cannot fully protect and maintain our beloved leathers. Even if a pair of shoes or boots seems beyond repair, we have superlative products that can turn dried out and faded leathers back into handsome possessions anyone would be proud to call their own. If you forgot to attend to the hiking boots after your trip to Denver, or your cowboy attire from the visit to Calgary or Dallas is looking worn and sad, we offer a number of amazing answers from our European, Canadian and United States' sources.

Turn again to Collonil, 1909 or Woly for leather treatments that restore a beautiful shine and suppleness to even abused leathers. Just as its name suggests, 1909 Supreme Creme de Luxe will bring back to vibrant life dried and sunburned leathers in high style. Woly has a rainbow of shoe creams, waxes and polishes that rediscover the glowing shine under the scuffs of hard-worn footwear. Even the schoolkids of Canada and the United States, returning for fall classes, have an ally in Woly Wax, a highly pigmented coloring polish that makes short work of returning a shine to the toes that played hard at recess.

An exciting new product for us is Leather Balm & lotion by Saphir, a secret formulation that works absolute magic on even leathers thought hopelessly beyond repair. If your kicky sandals or living room couch took in a little too much sun and sand this summer with the kids home and the hot summer sun beating down, try just a little Leather Balm and see why shoemakers and horse people have sworn by it for decades. Cracked and crumbling to smooth and even, the most neglected leather literally comes back to life. Used on harnesses and bridles for years, Leather Honey has no boundaries as to the benefits it brings to fine leather. Try it on a businessperson's shoes in Ottawa or Washington, a collection of tired leather furniture in Toronto or worn car seats in Winnipeg. Suddenly your mindset changes from replace to rejoice as your leather goods return to their places of honor.

A Little Tender Loving Care for Those Who Wear the Leather

The shoes certainly take the brunt of what the weather and general climate dishes out. It is also clear, however, that the feet in the shoes are grateful for our high-quality foot and skin care products. For example, while those sandals in Miami or Los Angeles or Toronto were getting sunburned, faded and dried out, the heels and toes of the feet wearing them were becoming rough, ugly and maybe even painful.

Just as a luxurious treatment with Avel or Collonil reawakens your valued leather, treatments from Gehwol or Allpresan can soften and treat your feet, removing dried skin and roughness, and sweetening with a little foot or shoe deodorant. We source only the best foot care preparations, including special formulas for those who suffer from the itch of athlete's foot or diabetes. Rub away muddy, dried skin with Gewohl's Mother of Pearl scrub or investigate one of Alpresan's Foot Care Foams, made to let your feet breathe while they heal.

Nourishing leathers and conditioning the feet inside is our mission for our North American customers. For shoe and foot care from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, Valentino Garemi offers leather and foot products that ensure you will always be putting your best foot forward.

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