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How to Find and Care for a Good Hiking Boots

March 23, 2018

How to Find and Care for a Good Hiking Boots

Note: This is a guest post from one of our loyal customers

About a week ago I realized, a little too late for the well being of my feet, that I need to invest in a pair of good hiking boots. While on vacation in the North Woods I was “coerced” by a gang of six men of varying ages and degrees of relation to me into what was promised as a “pleasant stroll through the woods.” I spent four hours slogging through underbrush, clambering over wind fallen trees, performing mini rock climbs up and down boulders generously strewn across my path by the last receding glacier and sidling on the edge of numerous woodland springs. That is until I slashed into a spring up to my calves and gave up the quest to stay dry, adding water rafting with my athletic trainers to my afternoon Olympics.

Why Do You Need Hiking Boots?

Back in the SUV on the way toward civilization I looked at my sore, sodden feet. And then I looked at those of my companions. Most were wearing some variety of hiking boots that gave them the traction, support, and water resistance that made their afternoon a pleasant stroll through the woods, indeed, just as promised, not the ordeal I had endured. They were relaxed and happily discussing the adventure we had just completed. I was miserable and rubbing raw, aching feet. Five hours after I felt good to go with my trainers laced up and bug spray on every available inch of exposed skin a little light went on in my brain, and once the mosquito bites ceased their itch and my knees quit quivering, I dove into some frenzied research online about finding and buying quality hiking boots for future treks.

Hiking Boot Buying Advice

The first thing I learned is there is much more to finding and fitting the proper boot than could ever be crammed into this article. Instead I advise you to start with an excellent online treatment of this subject - great video outlining all the steps you should take to ensure your chosen boots fit well is available on YouTube, produced by BackcountryEdge. Perhaps more than any other type of footwear it is essential that hiking boots be well fitting, When using them in the great outdoors you cannot just kick them off when they irritate, and your very survival may rely upon them supporting and protecting your feet.

Protect Your Hiking Boots
Once you decide upon the perfect pair of hiking boots, take an online stroll to Valentino Garemi to find and purchase the perfect weather and waterproofing products to ensure your new footwear can take you over hill and into the stream, if necessary. A great option is Collonil Classic Gel, formulated from natural essential oils or Woly Protector 3x3, a convenient spray. Both products are appropriate for smooth leathers or suedes and nubucks. If serious waterproofing is desired, consider one of the fine dubbins on the site, including products from Moneysworth & Best, Woly or Saphir. These formulations use natural waxes and tallows to keep moisture and dirt off your boots, and also can be used to clean and condition the leather once you and your boots are resting up after another “stroll in the woods.”

Lesson Learned

The next time I head out on a “mystery tour” with my guys, I will be well prepared. Keep in mind that most outdoor equipment, from boots to tents to rain gear to parkas, can benefit with the judicious use of products available at Valentino Garemi. Leathers, textiles and the lightweight synthetic materials frequently used for forays either into the woods, on the water, in the mountains or at any outdoor venue you frequent will be cleaned, conditioned and protected by the range collected here by the folks at Valentino Garemi. Happy hiking!

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