How to Find and Care for a Good Hiking Boots

How to Find and Care for a Good Hiking Boots

March 23, 2018

About a week ago I realized, a little too late for the well being of my feet, that I need to invest in a pair of good hiking boots. Most were wearing some variety of hiking boots that gave them the traction, support, and water resistance that made their afternoon a pleasant stroll through the woods, indeed, just as promised, not the ordeal I had endured. he first thing I learned is there is much more to finding and fitting the proper boot than could ever be crammed into this article. Leathers, textiles and the lightweight synthetic materials frequently used for forays either into the woods, on the water, in the mountains or at any outdoor venue you frequent will be cleaned, conditioned and protected by the range collected here by the folks at Valentino Garemi. Happy hiking!

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