Natural Foot Care: The Power of Chamomile

March 23, 2018

Natural Foot Care:  The Power of Chamomile

Just because they are not front and center like your face or as expressive as your hands does not mean you should forego finding the finest natural foot care for your hardworking feet. You wouldn’t think of using a facial moisturizer or hand cream filled with artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals, so why be less particular about the care of your feet?

Say Hello to Herbal

Fortunately for your forgotten feet we have just added the Camillen 60 range to our foot care options. Based upon the natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the chamomile plant, the foot cleansers, moisturizers and special treatment products in the Camillen 60 collection rely on herbal and plant based ingredients to soothe and smooth your careworn feet. The first products were developed in the 1950s and 1960s by Hedwig Raue, a lifelong seeker of effective and natural foot balms. Chamomile beckoned with centuries of use as an ingredient in medications and healing lotions and creams.

Say No to Bacteria and Fungi

Covered and encased as feet tend to be, unwanted microorganisms can show up and ruin the party. Foot odor can have a bacterial cause, and the itching, cracking and burning of athlete’s foot has its roots in fungal infection. Common over the counter medications often contain potentially dangerous ingredients, but Camillen 60 products utilize the curative properties of botanical. Camillen 60 Fudes Foam with 10% Urea and Fungus Treatment gently treats the flaking and discomfort of athletes foot with chamomile and other herbs and plant based ingredients that are natural antimycotics. Once the bacterial and fungal infections are under control, continue to use Camillen products such as their signature Foot Balm to moisturize and condition feet, while the chamomile oil or extract in every Camillen 60 formula inhibits future microbial growth.

Soften and Hydrate

Browse the Camillen 60 range and marvel at the options to moisturize and condition your feet and legs, including Aloe and Olive Oil Foam Cream and Fresh Foam Balm -- Protect. Keeping the skin of the feet well hydrated and providing a breathable moisture barrier is key in proactive foot care.

Special Needs

Camillen 60 Leg Balm increases the circulation of legs and feet that move too little during the work day, whether because of sitting or standing, pure chamomile oil joined in this balm with menthol and camphor for a rejuvenating and cooling feel. Neglected feet with a buildup of dried skin benefit from Camillen 60 Peeling Cream, a formulation filled with glycyrrhizic acid from the licorice root and chamomile extract in a peanut and carrot oil base, with salicylic acid to enhance the sloughing off of dead skin cells.

Where buildup is severe, Camillen Callus Balm, Spray or Softener are three products harnessing the power of urea and chamomile, willow bark and salicylic and lactic acid to dislodge thickened skin and prevent future inflammation. If cracked heels and toes cause pain and invite infection, Camillen 60 Fissure Cream and Hydro Cream offer intensive relief, healing and softening sore feet and toes, azulene, a derivative of chamomile, providing pain relief.

The delicate skin of diabetics is well cared for with Camillen 60 Foot Balm Diabetic, quelling infections and speeding the absorption of soothing moisture and conditioners. A full line of foot sprays and deodorants rounds out the Camillen 60 range, perking up sore and less-than-sweet smelling feet.

Not Just a Warm Cup of Sleepy Time

If the only place you stored chamomile up to today was in the kitchen cupboard for a soothing and relaxing pre-snooze drink, your senses should now be open to the wonders of the little white flowers and lacy green foliage as an effective foot and skin care elixir. Hearken to the herbal healing of chamomile and other helpful botanical in the Camillen 60 product range, proving that natural foot care is preferred and sustainable, for the planet and for your aching feet.

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